I direct my third music video for Jakwob.
My dance follow up to Fade

The official music video for Jakwob’s new single ‘Somebody New’ feat. Tiffani Juno. The 24 hour tangle of a London club chick.

Director & Editor: Billy Boyd Cape 

Producer: Sue Odell
Executive Producer: Jakwob

The Girl: Tess Jantschek

Director of Photography: Ramzey Sabbagh
1st AC: Sam Taylor
2nd AC: Molly Manning Walker
Gaffer: Henry Howe
Spark: Amy Alicia
Grip: Howard Lee
1st AD: Matthew Lloyd Hodgkin
Production Design & Styling: Amy Harriott Gregory
Casting: Sue Odell
Production Manager: Jimmy Cape
DIT: Jonah Braverman
Grade: Billy Boyd Cape
Hair & Make-Up: Lisa Dredge
Hair & Make-Up Assistant: Rebecca Ehrlich
Catering: Claire Sturgess
Stills Photography: Douglas Cape @ Z360
BTS Video and Stills: Will Reid
Kit Rental: Leon Powell @ Aimimage
Special Thanks: Chris Ball @ Digital Soundboy
and Oliver Newman @ Turn First Artists

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My new music video is coming soon.

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Announcing Leon Else, his first official music video.
A relationship in dilemma, for his new single ‘Protocol’.

Commissioned by Turn First Artists.
Premiered on District MTV.

Directed & Edited by Billy Boyd Cape
Produced by Sue Odell
Executive Produced by Leon Else & Jono Ball
Featuring Leon Else and Sianad Gregory 

Cinematography by Ramzey Sabbagh
1st Assistant Camera: Sam Taylor
Gaffer: Rufai Ajala
1st AD: Matthew Lloyd Hodgkin
2nd AD: Benedict Minghella
Stylist: Amy Harriott-Gregory
LE Stylist: Oliver Vaughn
Technical Manager: Douglas Cape
Casting: Sue Odell
Make-up: Cat Silliman
Key Grip: Howard Lee
LE Photography: Ross Ferguson

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Protocol by Leon Else. Coming soon.

Here’s a short behind the scenes teaser for my upcoming video for Leon Else. Here within the next week if all goes to plan.

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Script extract from Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers.A little piece of inspiration.

Script extract from Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers.
A little piece of inspiration.

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Hella Better Dancer just released their new single ’Sleeptalking’.

I directed the music video which is coming later this year.

Here’s what Line of Best Fit had to say about the song:

Brighton/London four piece Hella Better Dancer have been making dreamy, lo-fi guitar pop in their bedrooms for a few years. “Sleeptalking” sounds like a band ready to flock the nest.

Perhaps it’s the prickly guitar solo and half-shouted harmonies that’s allowed the band to take on a more immediate personality? Or the weighty reverb and shaded vocals? Maybe it’s the band’s adoption of Norwegian songstress Farao last year as drummer? There’s certainly a cathartic experience when listening to both Hella Better Dancer and Farao’s music, made all the more appropriate by them playing church gigs together.

Whatever the reason, “Sleeptalking” is a sure-fire step in the right direction. It doesn’t shed the band’s hallmark spacious sound (check out 2012′s Living Room EP) nor is it a simple repetition of their previous efforts. We can’t wait to hear more.

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My Jakwob - Fade video in gif form.

My Jakwob - Fade video in gif form.

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From my recent trip to Hong Kong, 2013.

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Beyond Clueless


I am currently producing a feature-length journey into the mind, body and soul of the teen movie.

The greatest trick the teen movie ever pulled was convincing the world it wasn’t worth a second look. A genre more than fifty years in the making, teen cinema has grown from a lowly sideshow to a staple of the Hollywood landscape, and yet it remains a curiously unexamined realm.

Written and directed by award-winning film critic Charlie Lyne (‘perky and respected’ — The Times), with an original score by acclaimed pop duo Summer Camp (‘sublime, skewed lo-fi pop’ — Sunday Times), Beyond Clueless takes audiences on an exhilarating ride into the mind, body and soul of the teen movie, as seen through the eyes of over 200 modern teen classics.

Diving headfirst into the inner psyche of the teen genre, the film finds itself within a parallel universe — one occupied by an entire generation of big-screen teens we’ve loved and loathed in equal measure. Part adolescent fever dream, part incisive visual essay, Beyond Clueless puts the movies themselves under the microscope on a quest to lay bare the genre’s beating heart.

Forgotten classics are unearthed, old favorites are upturned to reveal new meanings, and questions are asked about what’s really going on behind the raucous house parties, glittering prom nights and joyous graduations that make up this most beguiling of cinematic worlds.

Does 13 Going on 30 offer a key to understanding the teen condition? Can the little-known Devon Sawa vehicle Idle Hands shed a light on the debilitating horror of pubescence? And what’s really going on beneath the skin of EuroTrip? All will be revealed as Beyond Clueless leads viewers through Hollywood’s treacherous teen years and out the other side.

From 505 backers we raised £12,005 of the £9,500 needed on Kickstarter!

Beyond Clueless is currently in-production.

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Location scouting for Hella Better Dancer.Photo by Will Reid.

Location scouting for Hella Better Dancer.
Photo by Will Reid.

(Source: willreidvisuals)

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